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Pontianak Museum Festival


At the festival held a national beads making contest, winner  will hold the title of the best beads maker all over Borneo.      


Enchantment culmination Equator


Natural phenomenon, when the sun crossed the equator 0 degrees, at 11:35 pm on September 21 to 23, where all shadow of things around the Equator Monument are disappeared for 10-15 minutes. At that time, scientists observe the sun's path around the Equator Monument.



Kite Festival


Held in Pontianak, the events are aimed to develop creativity of art decorating kites.




Erau Festival


The festival sees the indigenous Dayak People (native to Borneo), head to Tenggarong from all over Kalimantan, to dress up in their tribal regalia and perform dances and various ceremonial events.



Carbide Cannons Festival


Event held during "Malam Idul Fitri" at Kapuas River, Pontianak.




Bird Watching Bird Festival, Ketapang


Asis Pasific Bird Census, conducted by the Office of Culture and Tourism of Ketapang with five countries in the Asia Pacific region to examine the various types of birds in Ketapang.



Rice Harvest Ceremony


Rice harvest ceremony of the Javanese people in Kubu Raya District. All night entertainment, "wayang kulit" be one of a very interesting spectacle of the local community.




Gelar Seni Budaya Daerah

Event held at Taman Budaya Pontianak (Pontianak Cultural Park). Budadaya art exhibition areas as Borneo, featuring various artists skills with various tools of traditional music and modern art, artists, sculpture, crafts, decoration and painting collection of local original art, creative dance, art and culture of ethnic Dayak, Malay and Thionghoa. Event ends in December.



Cap Go Meh


In conjunction with Chinese New Year celebration held 15 days after the Lunar New Year. In this event Tatung / Sin Min / Loya took to the streets and into a place of worship in the township accompanied by ritual participants while beating the drums to drive away evil spirits. This event can be witnessed in the city of Pontianak, Singkawang, Sambas, Bengkayang, Mempawah, Pinyuh River, Sintang, Ketapang, and Kubu Raya.



Burial Prayer


Ritual of an expression of respect Chinese citizens in Pontianak - Singkawang to their ancestral spirits. This ritual activity in the form of a pilgrimage to the family cemetery. Moments as well as serve as the event took off misses with relatives who live far away. Held every month of the 6th Chinese calendar or twice a year.



The point of culmination


Natural phenomenon that when the sun crossed the equator 0 degrees, at 11:35 pm can be seen twice each year in 21-23 March and 21-23 September. At that time, the shadow of all things upright around the Equator monument is lost for 10-15 minutes. This natural phenomenon, celebrated with an official ceremony, various tourist attractions and arts and exhibitions in Pontianak.


Dange Ceremony

Ritual ceremony as appreciation to God for the success of the harvest by the Dayak Kayan Mendalam River, Kapuas Hulu. In this event also held a traditional dance, dance offerings, including entertainment tomb and drink for three days.



Padang village Sea Ceremony


Ceremony held for three days, "NYEMAH", carrying offerings surrounding the Karimata island by fishing vessels. During the ceremony local residents are forbidden to go in and out of the village and prohibited from cutting trees, picking or damaging the surrounding natural habitat penalty will be applied if violated.